Simplify your development of Node.js applications on Kubernetes and Openshift with the Nodeshift Project


One of the core concepts of the Nodeshift project, is that your tools shouldn't get in the way. We provided a set of opinionated developer resources for developing Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Among these resources are Javascript libraries for Developing and Deploying Applications to the Cloud, an opinionated Reference Architecture for developing Node.js Application, and starter applications to help get you started.

NodeShift on GitHub

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The nodeshift project provides Node.js modules to effectively develop Cloud Native Applications. These modules include Opossum, a robust circuit breaker and the Nodeshift CLI, an Opinionated command line interface for deploying applications to Openshift

Reference Architecture & Examples

The goal of the Node.js Reference Architecture is to present the Red hat and IBM teams opinion on what components to use when building Node.js applications and guidance on how to be successful in a production environment.

Node.js Reference Architecture

The Nodeshift project also contains a wide range of example applications showcasing the most basic cloud native concepts, like REST microservices and Health Checks, to more advanced concepts like Cloud Native Security.

Nodeshift Starters

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